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Sushmita Mukhop...

Name of deployed employees: Sushmita Mukhop...
State: West Bengal
District: Howrah
Employment number: SGO/WB/0025/2015
Father's Name: Pradeep Kumar Mukhopadhayay
Mother's Name: aaaaa
Religion: Hindu
Date of Birth: Wednesday, May 26, 1976
Blood Group: b+
Select Industry/Occupation: Education
Email ID:
Gender: female
Rank: 3.00
Service: Service
From: 01/05/2015
To: Wednesday, January 24, 2052
Record of Appointment: Record of Appointment
Designation: Guide Captain
Pay Scale: 9,300-34,800
Leave of Absence/ Without Pay: nil
Status: Casual
Declaration: This is to certify that the employee name herein above actually rendered services in this office as shown by the service record below each line which is supported by appointment and other papers actually issued by this office and approved by the authority.