The Scouts/Guides Organisation

An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Organisation
Largest Scout/Guide Movement of India
General Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations

List Of Employees

Name Employment Number State District Rank
Yogeshwar Singh SGO/UP/00415/2014 Uttar Pradesh Hapur 2.00
Vijayalaxmi SGO/UP/00425/2014 Uttar Pradesh Muradabad 2.00
Sushmita Mukhop... SGO/WB/0025/2015 West Bengal Howrah 3.00
Sumit Tyagi SGO/UP/00416/2014 Uttar Pradesh Hapur 3.00
Shaukeen Singh SGO/UP/00420/2014 Uttar Pradesh Meerut 3.00
Shailly Sharma SGO/UP/00416/2014 Uttar Pradesh Meerut 3.00
Sanjib Jena SGO/WB/00221/2014 West Bengal Koolkata 3.00
Sanchita Chatterjee SGO/WB/0022/2015 West Bengal Howrah Howrah
sanath e123 Karnataka raichur 34.00
Sachin Sharma SGO/UP/00423/2014 Uttar Pradesh Baghpat 3.00
Rakesh Kumar Verma SGO/DL/00257/15 Punjab 2.00
Prateet Kumar SGO/UP/00418/2014 Uttar Pradesh Ghaziabad 2.00
Pampa Dey SGO/WB/0023/2015 West Bengal Howrah 3.00
Munmun Chatterjee SGO/WB/0024/2015 West Bengal Howrah 3.00
mohit tyagi SGO/UP/00425/2014 Uttar Pradesh Baghpat 2.00
Jayati Sanyal SGO/WB/00021/2015 West Bengal Howrah 3.00
Dipin E5 Karnataka Bangalore
Anita Sinha SGO/BR/0001/2007 Bihar Patna 1.00
Abhinav Tyagi SGO/UP/00412/2014 Uttar Pradesh Meerut 3