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Instructions regarding leaves

This is to apprise all the colleagues of The Scouts/Guides Organisation that from now onwards everyone shall adhere to the rules laid down by the higher authority and it should be followed with all your earnestness and gravitas. The National Commissioner for India, SGO, has made a very perspicuous and explicit statement that all the staff members from now onwards who need leave shall apply for it first and then only a day off shall be granted to that person. The operation to procedure will remain the same for every staff, regardless of what position they are holding in the organisation. If any person will abdicate from his responsibility and will not follow the given set of rules then the validation of taking a leave without presenting prior notice shall not be approved by the higher authority of the organisation. No vindication shall be acknowledged if a convincing reason of applying for leave is not specified by the staff. The leave application shall be provided two days prior to the concerned authority and it shall be given particularly through mail. No other mechanism of communication regarding leave announcement shall be considered official. If a message is dropped through whatsapp or in writing on page, it will not be measured as an adequate way and shall not be accepted. The mail id for dropping your message is: If a person fails to follow his or her accountability and does not swear allegiance towards the policy of the organisation then we are not going to shore up that employee on any grounds in future. Kindly note that the deduction from your salary will be done if you will not keep the organisation informed about your not being present on the particular day. Austere and stringent action shall be taken against the employees those who will not comply with the set of laws manifested in the organizational roll of record. We hope that you will comprehend your obligation and shall know your sense of duty.